How to Choose the Right Windows for Your Lecanto, FL Home

Your current windows let your Lecanto, FL home enjoy the warmth of natural light, but they might need a replacement for safety reasons, poor condition, or a lack of efficiency. You might also be choosing windows for new home construction. Keep reading to learn some factors to consider when it’s time to replace the windows in your home.

Choose Your Glass

No matter how great your home’s insulation is, windows have traditionally been the primary culprit behind heat loss. Consider the orientation of your windows as they relate to the sun, and decide accordingly. For example, you might choose double-glazed windows with an R-2 insulation rating for energy efficiency.

Pick Effective Materials

Windows don’t just have glass but also structure and framing, and these can utilize many different materials. Vinyl might be one option you’ve heard about, but you can also choose from aluminum, fiberglass, and PVC. The future seems to revolve around fiberglass options for energy efficiency, durability, and quality, but cost and availability are concerns; PVC offers many benefits at economic price points.

Analyze Your Walls

Whether you’re outfitting a new construction or planning on a renovation, you need to consider the walls. The thickness of each wall matters prominently, and you need to know this to get the right frame jambs. Customization can happen but might also take some time, so leave current windows in place until the last minute.

Consider Your Climate

Buying triple-pane windows might prove tempting from the start, but make sure it’s the right move for where you live. Manufacturer ratings and test results can tell you a lot based on where you live. Florida is often subject to high heat and stormy weather, so look at windows highly rated in categories of temperature and wind resistance.

Think About Style

Buying new windows can mean updating your current home’s style or dictating how your new home looks. Options include casement, double-hung, sliding, and bay windows. Each has its pros and cons, and you need to weigh them accordingly.

Knowing the factors of window shopping lets you find the right ones for your home, and you should prioritize appearance, lifespan, and energy efficiency. For help in exploring your options, let our industry experts guide you through the process. Contact us at Thomas Four Construction for both your remodel or new construction needs.

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